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Brains and Blogging | Responsibility

More and more people are joining the blogosphere as readers and as bloggers. The scope of blog content has expanded as well. At times, blogs take on a journalistic flavor. What responsibility do we have to use our brains when interacting with the blogosphere?

From Responsibility in the Blogosphere and On Blind Faith:

Whether one hold to a religious faith or not, most are familiar with the phrase “on blind faith”. Some are absolute proponents of the necessity in some circumstances of believing in something without proof. Some will believe nothing without proof. I believe there is a middle ground. I’m simultaneously annoyed by, amused by, frightened for, and disappointed in those who trust completely in the words of another without exploring or examining an issue for themselves – “the followers”. What’s worse is when followers then try to lead. We all have room to grow and we can best do so by exercising the “muscle” of our brain and practicing virtue.

Aside from the personal responsibility of questioning the validity of what we read, I’ve been wondering. . .

1)  What if any measures should be in place to encourage accuracy in the report of “facts” on blogs?

2)  How can we do so without infringing upon free speech?

3)  Who would be responsible for regulating such?

4)  What responsibility do I have to help prevent the mass dissemination of misinformation and its potential for significant negative impact?

If YOU choose to not investigate or think for YOURSELF, YOU are still making a choice and YOU are responsible for that choice. Similarly, be prepared to know that YOUR words have the power to lead others astray if such persons are ignorant of how to access resources for their own investigation or are lacking in the mental capacity to make reasoned decisions. Even well-intentioned persons are capable of great folly, whether by accident or lack of discipline.

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Written by mollyjayne40

25 April 2012 at 06:30