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Surviving Loss: Death | Grief

A good deal of people I care about are either directly dealing with grief right now or have asked for prayers because people they care about are struggling with a loss.  This post is for them and all of you looking for healing or in search of how to help those you care about to heal.  I highly recommend reading the full post for more reflection, detail, and clarification than the excerpted and paraphrased material here provides.

From Surviving Loss: Death of a Close Loved One:

One of the losses most difficult to manage is the unexpected death of someone we love dearly and rely on heavily.  You may feel completely overwhelmed and question your ability to cope.  The reality is you will survive.  Things won’t ever be the same, but they won’t be worse – just different.  You will change and you will grow.  How do I know?  You asked for help by reading this article.  You are willing or at least willing to be willing to do what needs to be done to find contentment again.  [This] is your personal journey of healing.  How you travel this journey will be unique to you.  As a starting point, I’ve offered below what helped me most in my earliest days of grieving different losses in my life.  I only hope that my experience will make yours more bearable.

Connect with Your Emotions using art, writing, dates with yourself to fully honor and take a break from your feelings, and therapy.
Connect The Past & Present with happy reminiscing, recounting what you learned from the person, getting to know relatives, and contemplating your loved one’s continued presence in their creations, supported causes, traditions, etc.
Connect with Others Who Shared in Your Loved One’s Life by asking them to contribute to a memory box or scrapbook and considering what you might part with, knowing how it could touch someone else.
Connect with the World Around You through being with other people without expecting anything of yourself and directing your attention to your five senses in whatever you are doing.

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Written by mollyjayne40

25 February 2012 at 14:29