The Variegated Vision Digest

"the variety (spirit, art, and intellect) of Variegated Vision in easy to 'digest' format!"

About: Why a “Digest”?

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For first-time visitors, this is a “clean-shaven” version of Variegated Vision, my full-featured blog of pure variety – spirit, art, and intellect. Publishing will commence the eve of 22 February 2012.

Features of & Rationale for this Digest:
Some posts are “shorts” (not published on Variegated Vision) – for quick digestion
some posts are excerpts only – for a pithier experience
unnecessary graphics deleted – for a faster load
search options minimized – for intuitive search
comments disabled – quick read for mobile viewing
high contrast and larger print – easy-read visual experience
posts and excerpts grouped & published by date/topic – reduced email load
minimized blogroll and links – uncluttered and focused

Follow the link (on the right of every page) back to my full featured blog, Variegated Vision, to gain access to the features not included here. ; ; I VERY MUCH appreciate when readers share posts that interest them, as well as explore and comment on the main blog’s posts, as interaction and website growth encourage me to keep up these blogs. ; ; ; Visit often or subscribe to the email notification list to receive blog updates. ; ; If you are a fellow blogger, “Happy blogging!”


Written by mollyjayne40

9 May 2011 at 04:48

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